Seat Lift & Specialty Chairs

Seat Lift & Specialty ChairsOur seat lift chairs…also called lift-out chairs…can help those with difficulty sitting or standing enjoy increased mobility. We offer the widest selection of seat lift chairs in the Delaware Valley, and in our South Jersey facility, you can try out our seat lift chairs and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Our seat lift and specialty chair products include:

  • 3-position recliners
  • Dual-adjustment seat lift chairs
  • Seat lift chair accessories
  • Space-saver seat lift chairs
  • Traditional seat lift chairs
  • Value-priced seat lift chairs
  • Wide seat lift chairs

If you’d like to make life easier for yourself or a loved one with decreased mobility, contact us today or visit our facility in Magnolia to see and try our seat lift equipment. Our trained professionals will help you choose the ideal chair to make home life easier.