South Jersey Prosthetics and Artificial Limbs

Komfort & Kare is happy to be your destination for South Jersey prosthetics and artificial limbs. We help patients from several convenient locations, including our new state of the art facility in Magnolia. We provide customized solutions designed for your maximum comfort and function. Our team of prosthetic experts have been serving the area for over 45 years, and we remain dedicated to our patients’ complete satisfaction.

Because we’ve been doing this a long time, we know that that artificial limbs are about more than equipment. When your prosthetic limb isn’t designed to fit properly, it’s going to cause you a great deal of discomfort and pain, and you will probably have to make return trips to correct the problem.

At Komfort & Kare, we build our artificial limbs in our own facility, which enables us to fit your prosthetic for your ideal comfort. Our in-house design also saves time, so the wait for your equipment will be days instead of weeks.

South Jersey Prosthetics and Artificial Limbs – Customized to Fit

When you visit one of our conveniently located South Jersey locations, we will look over your doctor’s prescription and speak with you about your day-to-day lifestyle goals. Whether you would like to walk or stand freely, have more mobility, or spend more time on the golf course, we’ll fit you with the prosthetic for your needs.

Our licensed and board-certified prosthetists design artificial limbs for both upper and lower extremities, for all amputation levels, and we also design myoelectric and microprocessor controlled joint systems. We will take the time to ensure that your artificial limb fits properly. If you’re not completely comfortable, we’ll take the time to fix it right here.

We accept most all major insurances, and we take the time to work with your provider to keep your expenses as low as possible while still responding to your prosthetic needs.

We’re proud of our years of success and our long list of satisfied patients, and we hope to add you to that list! Find out why we’re the preferred destination for South Jersey prosthetics and artificial limbs. Contact us today or visit one of our nearby South Jersey facilities…we look forward to finding the ideal prosthetic fit for you.