Camden County Custom Orthotics and Prosthetics

Let Komfort & Kare be your trusted choice for all of your Camden County custom orthotics and prosthetics needs. We are conveniently based right here, in our beautiful new facility in Magnolia. Our team of professionals and compassionate staff has been serving the South Jersey community now for over four decades, and we’re just as dedicated today to the best patient outcomes.

We’ve been in the prosthetics business long enough to know that it isn’t just about equipment. The proper fitting matters just as much. If you’re fitted improperly for a prosthetic, it’s likely that you’ll have to make multiple trips to correct problems that are causing you pain, chafing and discomfort. With a brace that isn’t the right fit, your injury could take longer to heal and may not heal properly.

Komfort & Kare takes the time to set up the ideal fitting for you, for any region in the body. Most importantly, we build almost all of our prosthetics equipment right here, so that your prosthetic device can be customized as needed, and that we can save you days of waiting for it to be ready.

We also carry a wide selection of ready-made products in our store, including devices for post-mastectomy fittings. Our products can be customized as needed and our compassionate staff can arrange a private meeting with you and offer you a private fitting room.

Our office accepts most all major insurances including Medicare, and we work with your provider to tailor a solution that keeps your costs as low as possible. All of Komfort & Kare’s prosthetists and orthotists are board certified and licensed in New Jersey, and all of our professionals and staff love what we do and helping people like you.

Contact Komfort & Kare today to arrange an appointment for your Camden County custom orthotics and prosthetics needs. Or you can visit our first class facility in Magnolia and meet with our friendly staff. We look forward to helping you with mobility, appearance, and independence.