Chester County Custom Prosthetics Lab

Let Komfort & Kare be your trusted destination when you’re seeking a Chester County custom prosthetics lab. In addition to serving patients from our several convenient locations in Philadelphia, we have recently opened a state of the art facility in Magnolia, NJ, where we construct our own prosthetics on site for quick fit and delivery. We can design a prosthetic for any level of amputation in upper and lower extremities, and we make sure that you are fully comfortable with it before it’s complete.

We use the best modern materials for our prosthetics, from the top manufacturers in the region. Our prosthetics include fully advanced models with myoelectric equipment and microprocessors included.

Your Chester County Prosthetics Experts

Komfort & Kare can design a prosthetic that not only fits you comfortably, but that is also suited to your lifestyle, whether you are looking to stay active or simply walk without difficulty. From our years in this field, we know that patients will never be happy with a prosthesis that is uncomfortable and causes pinching or chafing. Your lifestyle shouldn’t be limited…let us fit your prosthesis properly.

When we meet with you, we’ll review your lifestyle needs and day to day activities, as well as any prescriptions you have, and we’ll design a prosthetic for you that fits right the first time. We pay attention to small details, including the fitting technique and socket fabrication. We’ll work with you until you’re happy with the fit. We’ll also take the time to make any fixes on the spot, so you won’t need to make a return visit.

We manufacture most all of our prosthetics in our lab for Chester County residents, including:

Upper Extremities: No matter the amputation level, we can create conventional, myoelectric, bionic and proportional control systems, for whatever suits your needs.

Lower Extremities: We construct prosthetics for any amputation level. We design and build partial foot, microprocessor controlled knee and ankle joint equipment, and elevated vacuum systems as needed.

Our In-House Prosthetics Lab

Our conveniently located fabrication laboratory makes it possible for us to build your prosthesis quickly. More importantly, we make it available for you in days rather than weeks. We work from a new and modern facility that features first class equipment. Our lab includes an infrared oven, sewing and sanding machines, and much more. Komfort & Kare’s lab technicians have many years of experience constructing prosthetics, and they love what they do.

Our professionals and staff offer a variety of other products and services as well. For people with limited mobility, we feature scooters and other aging-in-place products. We also provide custom orthotics and braces following age- or athletic-related injuries. For women following a mastectomy, we offer custom breast prosthetics. We designed our facility to offer you privacy and convenience in trying out our new products for size. Most of all, our staff will treat you with the utmost respect.

Komfort & Kare accepts most all major health insurances including Medicare. We’ll also cooperate with your insurance provider to keep your out of pocket costs as low as possible.

Reach Out To Komfort & Kare Today!

Whenever you need a new prosthesis or a replacement, we’re your answer for a Chester County custom prosthetics lab. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and let us help you be more comfortable and less limited.