Mobility & Accessibility

Komfort & Kare is your destination for mobility and accessibility solutions in the South jersey or greater Philadelphia area. Whether you’re improving your own mobility or caring for an aging parent, we’ll see to it that you feel at ease as soon as you enter our facility.

Recovering from aging-related surgery or injuries, or even caring for someone who is, can be especially overwhelming. We help make the transition as smooth as possible, as we determine the best mobility solutions for you in a positive, welcoming environment. We offer a full selection of scooters, “aging in place” products, and medical supplies and equipment, and we take care to remove as much stress as possible from the experience.

Our licensed and experienced professionals will take the time to discuss you needs and answer your questions. In our modern facility, you can try out a scooter on a test track, and take advantage of other interactive features to get the right feel for whatever you need. You’ll be able to compare products, get expert advice, and feel confident in knowing how to use your new equipment.

Take the first step towards improving mobility and freedom, for yourself or for your parent. Contact our office today to arrange an appointment with our experts, and find out how what type of scooters and other products will help improve your home life. At Komfort & Kare, we’re focused on the best service and the best solutions for your mobility and accessibility needs.