New Jersey Custom Prosthetics Lab

At Komfort & Kare, we are your professional and complete destination in your search for a New Jersey custom prosthetics lab. In addition to our state of the art new location in Magnolia, we serve patients’ prosthetics needs from convenient locations in Medford (Burlington County) and Mullica Hill (Gloucester County). We can fit you with a custom prosthesis for any level of amputation, and we’re dedicated to providing you maximum comfort the first time.

We build our prosthetic limbs using materials from top brands and manufacturers, and our prosthetics include microprocessor and myoelectric equipment if needed.

Your New Jersey Custom Prosthetics Experts

Whether you lead a more active lifestyle, or just want to be able to stand or walk with less difficulty, Komfort & Kare can provide the proper fit for you. We see a lot of patients, and we know how uncomfortable and painful it is to live with a prosthetic that doesn’t fit properly and rubs or pinches.

We will discuss your day to day activities with you, examine your doctor’s prescription, and properly design your artificial limb to be completely comfortable the first time around. We’re very thorough with our fittings and with the fabrication of sockets. We want to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with your prosthetic fitting before you leave, and spare you return trips to our facility. We build our prosthetics in house for faster turnaround times and better customization.

Our custom prosthetics for New Jersey residents include:

Upper Extremities: Komfort & Kare designs upper extremities for any amputation level, including conventional, myoelectric, bionic and proportionate control systems.

Lower Extremities: We design and build lower extremities for any amputation level, including microprocessor controlled knee and ankle joints, elevated vacuum systems and more.

Our in-house design lab makes it possible for us to assemble your prosthetic and make it available in three to five days instead of waiting weeks for your prosthesis. Our state of the art facility here in New Jersey includes an infrared oven, sewing machines, sanders, and other first class equipment for the best possible quality control and custom fit. Our prosthetics technicians have been doing this work for many years, and they are professionals who love what they do.

We offer other services to New Jersey residents as well, including custom made orthotics and braces for injury healing, custom breast prosthetics for women healing from a mastectomy, and mobility products such as scooters that you can try out for yourself. Whatever your need for our services and equipment, we will always treat you with the utmost respect and privacy.

Komfort & Kare accepts most all major insurances, and we work closely with your healthcare provider to keep your costs low.

Find out more about what makes Komfort & Kare your easy choice for a New Jersey custom prosthetics lab. Schedule your appointment with us today to get started, and let us help you live more comfortably!

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