Burlington County Custom Prosthetics Lab

Komfort & Kare is the trusted answer to your search for a Burlington County custom prosthetics lab. In addition to our Medford location, we’ve recently opened a state of the art facility nearby in Magnolia, where we build nearly all of our prosthetics in-house. We provide first class and timely service to our patients throughout the region, and we work towards the best possible outcomes with maximum comfort and function.

Many of our staff have been in this field for many years, and we know that prosthetics isn’t just equipment. It’s about tailoring solutions for each individual. Our team can custom design an artificial limb for you from our own facility, cutting down delivery time and ensuring the best possible fit. We design prosthetics for both upper and lower extremities, at any amputation level.

Your Modernized Burlington County Custom Prosthetics Lab

At our new facility in nearby Magnolia, we’ve designed a full prosthetics lab, with new and state of the art equipment. Our lab features an infrared oven, sewing machines, sanders and other tools to build your prosthesis with the precision you need. We use the latest equipment from established manufacturers, including microprocessor and myoelectric advancements. Our technicians can design your prosthetic limb quickly without sacrificing quality.

Our staff takes the time to work with you and design your prosthesis to fit comfortably, with no chafing or discomfort that requires a return trip. We ensure that you’re happy with your fit and that you have maximum mobility. Our experts are board-certified with years of experience, and they love what they do!

Komfort & Kare accepts most major insurance providers, and we work with your insurance company to minimize your costs.

Find out more about how we can design the ideal prosthesis for you. Contact us today to schedule a fitting, or visit our modern facilities in Medford or Magnolia. We’re looking forward to helping you improve your mobility and function, and add your name to our list of Burlington County prosthetic success stories!