Pittsburgh Custom Orthotics and Prosthetics

Komfort & Kare is the answer to your search for quality Pittsburgh custom orthotics and prosthetics. We’ve recently opened a brand new and convenient location right here in town, easily accessed from I-279, and we’re ready to serve you with quality fittings and service. We’ve been assisting patients with their artificial limb and digit needs now since our beginnings in the early 2000s, and we’re committed to minimizing your trips to the doctor and maximizing your comfort level.

In our years in the prosthetics business, we have seen and learned that custom artificial limbs aren’t just about using the right equipment. It’s more important that your fitting is handled properly, both for your comfort and for your lifestyle. If you’ve ever had an ill-fitting prosthetic, you probably have had to make additional trips back to your prosthetics facility to correct the chafing, discomfort and pain. Similarly, if your orthotics aren’t fitted correctly, not only will you be uncomfortable, you could have more trouble healing properly and need to make additional trips to your orthotics provider.

Your Pittsburgh Custom Orthotics and Prosthetics Professionals

At Komfort & Kare, we employ longtime clinicians in this industry that truly love what they do and working with patients. We take the time to ensure your prosthetic fits right the first time, before you leave our facility, and we offer products that can be customized as needed. We take the time to learn about your day-to-day lifestyle and how your equipment should work for you.

We offer the most advanced prosthetics for all amputation levels, including microprocessor controlled and elevated vacuum systems. Our prosthetics include upper and lower extremities and at all amputation levels, including myoelectric and microprocessor controlled systems. Our orthotics for injury healing support include upper and lower extremity braces, along with back and neck support items and footwear support.

We offer a variety of other products as well, including post-mastectomy custom breast prosthetics and post-surgery bras, and a selection of scooters and other aging in place equipment that help you keep your independence. Whatever your prosthetic and post-surgery healing needs, you can trust us to provide you with as much privacy as you need and to treat you with kindness and respect.

Our office accepts most all major insurance providers, including Medicare, and we work with your provider to find ways to keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible.

Visit our brand new facility in your area today, and let Komfort & Kare show you more about what makes us your easy choice for Pittsburgh custom orthotics and prosthetics! Schedule your appointment with us here, and take the next step towards an easier fitting and a more comfortable life.