Urological Supplies

Urological SuppliesKomfort & Kare offers an ample selection of urological supplies for you or a loved one needing assistance with continence management. We carry the top brands of supplies and accessories, and we can discuss yours or your loved one’s needs privately and in a respectful environment.

Our urological supply products include:

  • Catheter accessories
  • Catheter kits
  • Closed system catheters
  • Drainage bags
  • External catheters
  • Foley catheters
  • Gloves
  • Intermittent urethral catheters
  • Irrigation trays & syringes
  • Lubricant
  • Urinal systems

If you’d like more information on the sorts of urological products you need, try contacting our Magnolia office today and arranging an appointment with our staff. We’ll help you choose the right products to make life easier and more manageable.